2022 Meeting Schedule

COTS provides the infrastructure that advances the emergency healthcare response across systems in the Central Ohio community.  Much of this infrastructure exists through COTS committees.  The COTS committees serve as a neutral place where stakeholders can convene to resolve trauma and emergency healthcare service issues and advance health system disaster preparedness through multi-disciplinary collaboration.  Stakeholders serve as voluntary committee chairpersons and represent hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), public health agencies, law enforcement, local/county government, and other non-profits.  

Each committee has a distinct focus with Board delineated roles and responsibilities aimed at enhancing trauma and emergency healthcare services for Central Ohioans. Committee issues are presented, discussed, strategized, and resolved via consensus and parliamentary processes. COTS committee work is patient-focused.  The result of committee work is the establishment of regional protocols, guidelines, and/or standards that aim to improve trauma care, emergency care, and disaster response for Central Ohio residents.  

For information about their work and/or to join any COTS Committee, contact (614) 240-7419. 

The work of COTS is a collaborative effort.  We are able to accomplish our mission due to the in-kind donation of time, expertise, and true passion for patient centered care from over 1,500 healthcare partners.