2018 Full Scale Exercise

On April 11, 2018, The Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) coordinated its annual emergency preparedness drill for central Ohio. Dozens of hospitals, regional emergency response agencies, and nearly 400 volunteer actor victims participated in the drill that tested our hospitals’ response to a severe weather event. The Grove City Church of the Nazarene opened its doors to allow the local Medical Reserve Corp and our public health partners to moulage actor victims so the drill could be as close to a real world event as possible. This type of event hits close to home for our Grove City and surrounding areas due the recent real-world weather event encountered earlier this month that knocked out power for several days. Once the actor victims were in full makeup, they were transported to local hospitals where emergency department staff triaged and treated them. 

The goal for this preparedness drill is to test our systems; make improvements to plans that exist and develop new plans/strategies based on lessons learned. 

We are always trying to move the needle from good to great!


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