Our Diversity Commitment

IDEA Framework

How we live our IDEA Principles 

Our ongoing journey to INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & ACCESS 


  • COTS Board of Trustees hosted an IDEA Workshop
  • COTS IDEA Workgroup met; enhanced the IDEA Framework and redesigned the COTS Diversity Commitment section of our webpage


  • COTS 2022-2024 Strategic Plan approved; all CMAA identified IDEA as a goal
  • COTS strategic retreat identified IDEA as part of its ongoing journey to organizational excellence
  • Joint CMAA IDEA Committee met twice
  • Made-4-Medicine Program initiated; COTS supports project through sharing training rooms and equipment and assisting in obtaining guest speakers


  • COTS offered its Trauma Advisory Board members training by Dr. Jon Groner titled “Combating Racism in Pediatric Trauma Care”; this training is also listed on our website
  • The CMAA developed a Joint IDEA Committee and Charter
  • The CMAA hosted a ½ day retreat to collaborate on organization-wide IDEA goals
  • The IDEA value statement was transformed into an IDEA Framework and added to our website
  • COTS Board of Trustees member IDEA matrix developed and is utilized during board membership replacement


  • COTS developed an IDEA Workgroup and an IDEA value statement
  • COTS Board of Trustees held an IDEA Workshop
  • COTS Board approved the 2020 – 2022 Strategic Plan; all Columbus Medical Association affiliates approved IDEA goals in their strategic plans
  • March 2019 Strategic Retreat chose to promote IDEA as part of our operational excellence goal


Combating Racism in Pediatric Trauma Care - Dr. Jonathan Goner, Trauma Quality Medical Director from Nationwide Children’s presented “Combating Racism in Pediatric Trauma Care"