Trauma Registry

Fotolia_94025705_S.jpgThe Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) Trauma Registry began data collection in 1999.  The COTS Registry was established to trend meaningful trauma data at the local level.  Hospitals contribute trauma-related pre-hospital, inpatient, and disposition data to the COTS’ Registry.  Currently, thirty-six hospitals and free standing emergency departments voluntarily participate in submitting trauma data to the COTS Regional Trauma Registry. 

Ohio law mandates that hospitals report specified trauma data to the Ohio Trauma Registry (OTR). Ohio Revised Code allows regional registries, such as COTS, to submit data to the OTR on behalf of hospitals. The COTS Registry has incorporated all the data elements required by the OTR with the addition of a few additional data elements in order to gain an accurate picture of trauma specific to Central Ohio.

The COTS Registry data is used in a number of ways.  COTS creates confidential benchmarking reports for participating hospitals so that they can make improvements in trauma care provided to their patients. COTS works with the Columbus Public Health to produce a biennial community injury report depicting how and where victims are being injured in Central Ohio so that local injury prevention colleagues can conduct targeted injury prevention programming.  

Aggregate data from the COTS Registry is available upon request to local governments, injury prevention groups, and to researchers who need local injury data. To request data from the COTS Trauma Registry please contact Roxanna Giambri.